Best Themes for eCommerce

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There are a few eCommerce plugins out there for WordPress, by far the most popular two are WooCommerce with a score of 4.1/5 stars, and WP e-Commerce with a score of 2.8/5 stars. Both are free to use for the basic model with extra extensions for things like table rate shipping, subscriptions, and various payment gateways ranging in price from about $49 and up. When you combine WordPress with something like WooCommerce and a great theme designed specifically for eCommerce you can have a great looking online store up and running in no time!

1. Crazy Diamond

crazydiamond ecommerce theme wordpress

$55. This is the number one rated theme on ThemeForest for eCommerce, it’s specifically designed to work with WooCommerce but I believe it will work with other plugins as well. It’s not hard to see why it’s rated so highly: it has a drag and drop style page builder which allows you to design your pages visually without writing any code, includes the Revolution Slider (a plugin that is normally an extra $15), Wishlist functionality, very extensive help documentation including a library of video tutorials to help assist you in setting up your online store, and 13 custom widgets for social media and product highlighting. Beyond all that, it’s just a good looking theme. It’s not limited to eCommerce sites either, it also makes a great corporate theme.

Purchase here.

2. BuyShop

buyshop ecommerce theme wordpress

$55. Another 5 star theme, this one also comes with the Revolution Slider included as part of the theme ($15 value). There are three different layouts that you can use as a base (creative, classic, and dark) and then of course you can customize everything from there. This theme seems to have a particularly robust and options-heavy admin panel which makes customization a breeze. It also allows your customers to login with either Facebook or Twitter to leave product reviews or make purchases. The other great feature is that you can set up price filters and ‘shop by’ categories to make browsing easier for your customers.

See full features list and purchase here.

3. Shopping

shopping ecommerce theme wordpress

FREE. This is a child theme of the Omega theme, so you’ll need to install that first for this one to work. But don’t worry, Omega is also free! Shopping was created to work with WooCommerce, but the author has confirmed that it will work with any other eCommerce plugin. I didn’t really see a lot of free eCommerce themes for WordPress that I thought looked much like online stores, this one really stood out to me. It has a nice clean layout, displays the products nicely, and it’s mobile friendly as well. It doesn’t have as many features for customization as the above two themes that I linked, but the price reflects that!

Download here

Best Themes for Portfolios

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For any type of creative professional, or anybody really, one of the most important things you can have is an online portfolio. Any potential client is going to want to see examples of your work, a quick and easy way for them to check it out is to have a look at your website. If you are a photographer, artist, graphic designer, model, or any other type of creative you need need a website that looks as great as your work. Here are some of our favourite picks for portfolio style websites for showcasing your work:

1. Grille

grille portfolio theme wordpress

$45. The top rated portfolio theme on ThemeForest comes in at a solid 5 stars. It has a minimalist design that allows your work to speak for itself, it’s very clean and easy to read with an emphasis on large pictures. I’m not crazy about the Courier font that is the default in the theme, but that would be simple enough to change. It comes with 6 free plugins: Tweets, Theme Shortcodes (for adding buttons and things), Instagram, Portfolio, Social, and Pricing Tables. It also has a custom media uploader that extends the built-in WordPress one to make uploading galleries to your portfolio a snap, and you can sell digital goods through your website via Easy Digital Downloads.

Purchase here.

2. Aperture

aperture portfolio theme wordpress

$55. This theme comes with over 30 ready to use skins, or you can make the layout 100% customized to your needs with Essential Grid. Absolutely no coding needed on your part!

Everything in this theme is configurable, and you have the entire Google Font collection to choose from for your text (that’s over 600 fonts!). It also integrates fully with WooCommerce so that you can sell products (tangible or digital) through your website. It can also be set up to post images directly from Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo and other services. This theme is a little more expensive than most other portfolio themes, but with all the features available I’d say it’s well worth the extra $10.

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3. Portfolio Press


FREE. For people who are more hobbyists you might want a website to show off your work without spending a ton of money. There are a few good free portfolio themes out there but I’m partial to the Portfolio Press theme. I like the clean look and fair amount of options provided for a price that can’t be beat! The layout is quite flexible and can be changed. It’s very well reviewed on the WordPress theme directory, and the developer seems quite responsive to questions which is great considering it’s a free theme. He’s also provided a help video on how to use the theme:

Download here.

Best Themes for Wedding Sites

A lot of work goes into planning and preparing for a wedding, and these days your plan should include a website for your wedding. You can have people RSVP, list your gift registry, and have all the details for when and where your guests should arrive. It’s also more environmentally friendly than sending out traditional RSVP cards for people mail back to you, and you’ll save money on printing! You can collect guests email addresses in a mailing list and keep them up to date on any changes in terms of venue, hotels, or what do in case of rain. One of the best things to do is put a Google map up with the location and address of the venue, then you won’t have to deal with a million phone calls looking for directions or confirming the location of the wedding.

Below are our top picks for Wedding themes for WordPress:

1. Eternity

eternity wedding theme wordpress

$40. This is a relatively new theme available through ThemeForest, but it’s very well reviewed with a solid 5 star rating (that almost never happens!). All of the positive reviews note the excellent support by the theme developer, so if you are having any trouble you can contact him with questions. Beyond that the theme is quite simple and elegant, and best of all it is a responsive design. That means it will scale appropriately to display well on mobile devices, which is quite important these days! You’ll get your RSVPs in a lot quicker if your guests are able to do it on their phone or tablet. Lots of options for customization, a built-in RSVP form, support for Google maps, and image galleries all make this theme a great choice.

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2. Soul

soul wedding theme wordpress

$40. The second most highly rated wedding theme on ThemeForest is Soul from developer Kaaz. This one has a bit more of a complex layout, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to implement or update! Soul actually comes with dummy content included, so you can see what text will go where. It’s also highly customizable and comes with custom post types as well as 10 different page templates. With a responsive design (which really should be standard these days) Soul is a solid choice too.

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3. Unite

Unite wedding theme wordpress

FREE. I wanted to include at least one free theme in this list in case you are on a budget. With a free theme you can not expect the same level of support from the theme developers as you can with the paid ones, but if you aren’t overly fussed with being able to change every little detail or having lots of different page templates then this theme should suit you just fine. It does have a responsive layout and a decent amount of features, for $0 it’s a great option!

Download here

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